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Three Goals:

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Family on a walk
School Kids


We pledge to support Premier Blaine Higgs as he has stood to support parents.

We will do this through encouraging him and his likeminded colleagues, through contacting elected officials, petitions and other forms of organizing.

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Don't delete parents.


We pledge to promote the common sense principle that parents should never be deleted from a child's life by the government.

Parents should, at all times, have unfettered access to every part of a child's health and well being.


We will do this by organizing and supporting pro-parent candidates at all levels of government.


The money follows the family.

We pledge to promote the common sense principle that a family's tax dollars should go to supporting their child's education directly.

If a family decides that private schooling or home schooling is best for them, the tax dollars that would otherwise go to the public system should be given to them to support their educational choice.

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