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Don't Delete Parents is a grassroots organization with signatories from every region of the nation and many cultural, secularist, faith and social backgrounds.  We represent a broad cross-section of Canadians interested in this issue.


Don’t Delete Parents thanks Premier Higgs and Minister Hogan (New Brunswick), Premier Stefanson (Manitoba), Premier Moe and Minister Duncan (Saskatchewan), Minister Lecce (Ontario) and The Hon. Pierre Poilievre (Leader of Official Opposition) for their recent public stances in supporting parental involvement in the lives of their children at school.


Parents should never be deleted from the lives of their children.


As this conversation has evolved nationally these past weeks a few things have become clear.


First, it needs to be stated that parents are the primary ones responsible for guiding and raising their children, not the government. This is why parental involvement at every stage of development is critical.


Parents want to be informed so they can journey with their children lovingly.   Surveys have now consistently shown that the majority of Canadians support this.


In most schools, parental consent is required for a field trip.  A life-altering decision such as changing your name or identity should at least have the same level of engagement with a child’s parent.


Second, when it comes to youth vulnerable to abuse at home, there are ways to identify them and make provisions for their protection. Provincial governments are committed to this.


Having a blanket policy that pushes all parents out of the lives of their children at school is wrong and offside with what most Canadians feel is reasonable.

Third, for too long, parents and everyday Canadians have been shamed and villainized when they have legitimate and loving questions about what is happening with kids at school on the topic of sex.


When parents aren’t able to ask questions without being shamed (i.e. called “haters” or “trans-phobic”) and when parents are shut down and shut out — it’s only natural to ask, “What is happening here?”  Parents have the right to be informed and ask questions without being shamed for it.


Parents, not governments, are the primary ones responsible for guiding and raising children.

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